About Me

My Experiences

As a beginner/published writer, I have had the opportunity to have a poem published in The Storyteller, July/Aug/Sept 2011 issued titled "Life".  

Another poem, "Thank You God" which is published in the 2015 issue of  "Where the Mind Dwells."  

I invite you all to read my short story that is published on the internet with Storyhouse titled "Living A Lie".  Give me your feedback and let's continue on the journey.

My Community

To assist me in giving my readers the stories or poems you want to read give me some feedback.

I was born in a small rural section near the Great Dismal Swamp.  My experiences have taken me outside of my community to adventure into the lifestyle of others.

Join My Journey

Join me in my journey while I create other adventures for your reading pleasure.  Your ideas are greatly appreciated.